An Affordable and Capable Truck: The 2020 Nissan Titan

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This year, Nissan released the 2020 Titan with great improvements from the previous generation that debuted five years ago in 2015. One of the significant changes is the nine-speed automatic transmission. Its exterior styling has also been redesigned and a 9-inch touchscreen is also available now. The Titan’s engine is the standard V8 but for the 2020 model, it has a 400 hp with 413 lb-ft. 

There are five trims available for the Nissan 2020 Titan. These are the Platinum Reserve, SL, Pro-4X, SV, and S. Single cab configurations are no longer available. You may only choose between the crew-cab and the double-cab models. With the crew-cab, you can enjoy an optional moonroof that is dual-panel panoramic. 

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The Safety Shield 360 driver assistance aid comes as a standard for the 2020 Nissan Titan. There’s adaptive cruise control which is a first for this model. Another is reverse automatic breaking and Titan’s the first pickup to have this feature. Its airbags increased to eight from six and the seat-belt pretensioners are now four from the previous generation’s two. 


As for the style, the 2020 Titan has a new look both on the inside and on the outside. The exterior is more modern-looking with LED daytime lights. For the front bumper, you have three grille choices as well as five wheel options. The taillights and bed also have LED lighting.

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Inside the 2020 Nissan Titan is an updated larger screen at 9 inches. It’s a touchscreen with WXGA resolution. According to Nissan, it provided way better picture quality compared to HD. It is also compatible with Andriod Auto and Apple CarPlay. Wi-Fi connection can accommodate up to six devices. 

As for the instrument cluster, you have there a standard driver information display at 7 inches. There are also new smartphone grips that come with charging stations plus an increase when it comes to the in-door space storage capacity. 


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The 2020 Nissan Titan is an affordable truck with a starting price of about $38,000. It’s more expensive compared to the model from last year but its advanced safety features, touchscreen, and improved and more powerful engine are worth the increase in price. Not only is it more affordable compared to similar models, but it is also a very capable truck. 

Its nine-speed transmission along with the extensive safety features are notable. Nissan also offers a great warranty that its competitors have not been able to match. The Pro-4X trim can definitely perform off-road with its quality equipment. 


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You can use the 2020 Titan for a wide array of jobs with its max towing capacity of 9,370 lbs. You can comfortably tow large loads with the Titan. It’s an easy job to pull a trailer as well as four snowmobiles. Accelerating is not a problem for the Titan nor is applying brakes. The standard sway control keeps your load in line. 

With the new Titan, you can expect so many improvements from the previous generation models. The storage space, control layout, and comfort features make the 2020 Titan an exciting choice for an affordable and capable truck this year.


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