Car Tech to Get Excited About in 2020


HOOK: With every iteration of car technology comes newer and more exciting features. If you’re wondering what’s in store for automobiles in 2020 and beyond, here is a primer of the latest and greatest innovations in the world of cars. The automotive future is now.

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Delving into car tech can be a bewildering experience for the average consumer. It can be intimidating to make sense of the newest automobile features, services, and technology the industry has to offer, both in the near term and distant future.

Conversely, the experience can also be exciting. With more and more breakthroughs and technological advances to look forward to for this decade and beyond, the future is looking undoubtedly bright. Here is a list of key technological car features to get excited about.

4 Cutting-Edge Auto Tech of 2020

1. Solar Power

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While the idea of solar-powered cars has been around for quite a while now, the impact of such technology has been minuscule. Now, thanks to breakthroughs in cost-efficient tech, you can anticipate a lot more of this soak-in-the-sunshine tech in the coming years.

Solar energy is starting to become a promising supplementary power for newer vehicles, with cars loading up on more and more sensors to increase levels of automation and even more creature comforts.

2. Biometrics

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Yes, it is precisely what you might imagine: a car that optimizes its driving through monitoring drivers and occupants. While the Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR won’t be arriving for mass consumption any time soon, the key technological themes inside it might make their way into other cars in the near future.

With the inclusion of biometrics in cars, driving is safer than ever. Imagine features like pulse detection with just a nudge on your seatback, a multifunctional control element activated with a single gesture, and safety systems in place that are unique to every driver in the event of a crash.

3. Smart Visors

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With the deluge of information in car shows that feature automotive innovations, it can make anyone feel like parsing through highly-complex pieces of information. Thankfully, Bosch’s virtual visor is refreshingly simple to understand: It improves on the often-overlooked sun visors and offers 90% more visibility.

The idea behind this is ingenious. By replacing the centuries-old sun visors with a translucent LCD visor, areas, where the sun is impeding a driver’s visibility, can be blacked out section by section. This is done simply through a driver-facing camera and with the help of software.

4. Cars for Mobile Payments

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Now, here is a game-changer. Imagine having to pay for food, gas, and tolls simply by just driving your vehicle without having to fumble for your phone or credit card. Visa and SiriusXM offer exactly that.

With this tech, cars in the future might just require a 4G-LTE data connection and be connected to SiriusXM’s services. The hurdle to this, however, is looking for vendors and services that are willing to accept this kind of payment, and that’ll likely take some time.


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