Signs Your Vehicle Has a Bad Water Pump


Many things can go wrong in your car. It could be the battery, the engine, or the tires. These are common problems that many car owners have to deal with. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t worry because fixing these issues is quite easy. There are also parts of your car that may fail but you don’t need to replace them immediately. One of those components is the water pump. 

Unlike problems with your car battery or the tires, they may be working at one time and then they may become completely useless the next. With the water pump, you may not know the problem immediately because it breaks down slowly. 

The water pump is important to your car since it’s responsible for the cooling system of your vehicle. Without it, your engine will fail and you won’t be able to use your car. That’s why it’s vital to know if there are any issues with it. Here are the signs that your vehicle has a bad water pump. 

Do You Hear a Whining Noise?

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One of the earliest signs that the water pump of your car is failing is if you start hearing a whining noise. It may not be so loud at first but as the condition of the water pump worsens, the louder the noise gets. 

The noise is due to a loose pulley. You can hear it even while you’re revving your car. It happens because the water pump’s resistance becomes too much for the pulley so it begins to slip on the pump. 

Is the Coolant Leaking?

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Another sign of a faulty water pump is if you notice that the coolant level is decreasing. It’s possible that there is a broken bearing or gasket and then you’ll start noticing that there’s fluid dripping in the center and front parts of your vehicle. It may be green or red depending on the coolant type you’re using. 

If you notice this, immediately call your auto mechanic so that he can assess the problem and fix it. If you ignore this sign of a bad water pump, then your car will leak all of its coolant and then the engine will start to overheat.

Is the Engine Overheating?

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When your engine is failing and it’s not because of the common problems, then the culprit could be the water pump that is getting worse. If the engine is overheating then that means the vehicle’s water pump isn’t performing at full capacity. It needs to be fixed quickly because it can lead to more expensive damages. 

If you leave your car like this then you’d have to take care of damaged head gaskets, pistons, and cylinder heads. Plus your car is going to be emitting white exhaust smoke. If you have a modern car, be aware of the engine temperature and whenever there’s a spike in the temperature, then check for all the possible causes including the water pump. 

In the event that you start noticing any of these signs that your vehicle has a bad water pump, immediately contact a car technician so that the problems will be fixed. 


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